Our Services

basic services

  • Sweeping

  • Mopping

  • Scrubbing off grime & dirt (Spotting only)

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming carpet

Extra Services we offer

  • Clear garbage bins

  • Trash removal

  • Empty recycling

  • Spot cleaning

  • Cleaning air conditioning vents

pro service package

This service package includes the following but can be customized for you to meet your specific needs.

  • Sweeping

  • Mopping

  • Scrubbing off grim & dirt (Spotting only)

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming carpet

  • Cleaning meeting rooms

  • Cleaning cubicle tables

  • Clearing lunch room/kitchen

  • Clearing break rooms

  • Full restroom clean

  • Restroom restock

  • Clearing trash bins

  • Clearing recycling

basic services

  • Cleaning meeting rooms

  • Cleaning cubicle tables

  • Clearing lunch room/kitchen

  • Clearing breakrooms

professional service

  • construction cleaning

  • Industrial mill cleaning

  • park cleaning

  • parking lot cleaning

  • smoke clean up

extra services we offer

  • Sanitation

  • Office plant watering

  • graffiti removal

  • Stainless steel cleaning

  • Other specalty surphaces

freedom to CREATE your own plan!

At Vancouver Janitorial we believe you should be able to choose how often you need a clean, what we do for you and how often we do those individual things. For instance your floor gets dirty and needs to be cleaned weekly but your garbage only needs to be remove every two weeks? No problem we can build you a custom package to do diffrent service at diffrent intervals. Even diffrent times anytime you need them! GIve us a call for a free quote and start saving money with a superior choice!

additional services

  • Full sink clean (Bathrooms,Kitchens, etc)

  • General Bathroom cleaning (Toilets,Urinals, etc)

  • Restocking restrooms

  • Additional mirror cleaning (Bathrooms mirror cleaning comes standard)

our 5% guarantee

No matter what your business needs our promise to you is that we will come in 5% under what your paying now for janitorial services! Our commitment to excellence guarantees you will be getting a perfect clean every time for less money than you pay now! Give us a call and talk to a service rep for a hassle free quote!

basic janitorial package

Our basic janitorial services package includes the following

  • Full office vacuum

  • Full sweep

  • Full mop

  • Full dusting

  • Clearing all tables,lunch and kitchen rooms

All our packages are highly customizable and you can easily add any addtianl services you may need for one low price